I know I can be kind of a freak when it comes to counting calories in food.  It's because I have been working hard trying to keep in shape and the only reason I do keep track is so I don't end up going backwards and  putting on weight that I worked so hard to take off.  Now I still indulge in pretty much every kind of food, cake, cookies, and everything else but just in moderation.  With the Superbowl this Sunday we all will be having our parties and watching the game with friends and chowing down on some delicious food.  One of the foods we will be feasting on is pizza.  Pizza is a staple at Superbowl parties and I love it!  I never realized how bad pizza can be for you though, after all its just some dough, sauce and cheese.  I came across an article and found that some pizza can have as much as 600 calories per slice!  That is a pizza loaded with meat and cheese, the article offered alternate pizzas that were just as tasty but not as fattening.  The pizza they talked about were from some of the well known companies that offer a wide range of pies.  If you do go with one of the name brand delivery pizzas with all the meat and toppings, try to eat only one slice, or order just a thin crust plain pizza that has a lot less calories, just two slices of some of the meaty pizzas can equal one whole plain pizza.

I am not trying to put a damper on your super snacking for the Superbowl but just suggesting that if you think about what you are going to eat rather than start stuffing it in you will feel a lot better after the party, even if the Patriots are not playing in the game.