Doctor Mehmet Oz, host of TV's "Dr. Oz Show," is on the hot seat over weight loss products.

In a Senate hearing, Oz said he does not endorse controversial weight-loss products that are advertised during his popular show. Oz insisted he is firmly against false and deceptive ads for weight-loss products.

Opening the hearing, Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill challenged Oz' claims. Oz said he sometimes voices support for new products that he finds promising. McCaskill cited an "obesity epidemic" in the U.S. and said millions of Americans are susceptible to false claims about quick, easy ways to lose weight.

McCaskill argued that many consumers are throwing money away on some products that may endanger their health. Nevada Republican Dean Heller insisted the best way to lose weight is through good diet and exercise. The Federal Trade Commission announced $34-Million dollars in settlements against companies that marketed fraudulent weight-loss products in January.

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