The work of a special committee to locate a Dog Park in New Bedford may be coming to an end, nearly five years after it started.

Michael Kappel, flickr

The committee met Thursday to discuss finalizing a site for the Park, a task that's stumped the group since it was first convened in 2008. However Chairwoman Jane Gonsalves wants to focus on areas other than siting, and says the time has come for the committee to make its final recommendations.

Gonsalves adds that Community Development money could lessen the need for city funds in building and maintaining the Park.

A favorite possible location for the Park is the city-owned property on Pleasant Street, former site of the Morse Cutting Tools plant.

Gonsalves is scheduled to meet with Mayor Jon Mitchell next month to discuss the city's interest in creating a Dog Park, and expects the committee's final report to be submitted this spring.