First let me start by saying, I love my dog, she is the sweetest, smartest most loving dog I know! Having said that, now all I can say is I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! This reaction is from a new study I just read. It say's that kissing your dog is linked to gum disease! If you let your dog kiss your face and he gets you on the lips there is potential for infection due to fecal contaminants, as we all know that 'Fido' does his own cleaning.

So armed with this information you may want to think twice before you lock lips with your puppy. I never let my dog kiss me on the face, in fact we trained our dog not to lick people, I think it's just gross. I've heard the story's that a dog's mouth is cleaner than a humans mouth, I say have you seen what dogs put in their mouths?

I also have an issue with letting the dog sleep in bed with you, some people do it all the time and that is fine, just not for me. Armed with this new evidence I don't think I'll be letting the dog smooch me any time soon. Yuck!