The calls, postures and other behaviors of wild birds convey a lot of information to those who understand their language. The trained observer can deduce through bird language the location of predators and other forces of danger, like humans.

Trouble is, nobody in Forest Hills, Pa. bothered to find out whether or not Rosetta Stone offered a course in bird language. Had they, Eileen Bridge may not have been knocked unconscious by an overprotective red-tailed hawk! Days earlier, Pat Bridge, her husband, may not have had a very close encounter of a different yet very aggressively protective hawk!

In light of the "dive-bomb" hawk attacks, the state game commission elected to relocate the nest and its babies. Sadly, while some humans can't, wild birds can form an undivided protective force field. And if the humans could only understand bird language, the sign by the hawk's nest read in bird language, "If you ever hurt my children I will hunt you down like wild game and do things that will make Charles Manson look like Mother Theresa."