We mentioned on Friday that Kasey was going to recreate one of the Disney drinks she found online. She and her friends decided on the “Rebel Royal” from “Cocktails by Cody.” This Jasmine inspired beverage consists of Blue Curacao, Midori, white rum, and pineapple juice. It took some time to test out the recipe, but after a few trials, they finally got it right. They determined that 1 part Blue and 1 part Malibu to 3 parts pineapple was the perfect ratio. As poor college students, they agreed to leave out Midori and work with the other alcohol mixes, but encourage everyone else to try out the original recipe. The “Rebel Royal” was a hit at Kasey’s girl’s night, and they can’t wait to try out all the other Disney concoctions when they get together over spring break. *Please reminisce responsibly