I don't know if you heard but accordin

g to Kraft Foods, there may be a shortage of Velveeta Cheese!  The thought of not having Velveeta to make your Superbowl dips and spreads could put a dent in your party!  Seriously, is the shortage of Velveeta going to make a difference? I think the only time I have the stuff is once a year at a party where someone mixes it with salsa and heats it up in the microwave, I have to admit it is a pretty tasty dip.  So, is this shortage just a clever way of the Kraft marketing team to get us all to start talking about the product and maybe panic and next time we head to the grocery store and pick up a box of the stuff?  Probably, but that's fine because that's what's happening.  I started looking at the news stories about Velveeta and started coming across a bunch of dip recipes that don't use it and there are quite a few good ones.  There are artichoke, veggie, cream cheese and countless other recipes that will make your guests just as happy as if they were eating Velveeta.