State Rep. Geoff Diehl of the 7th Plymouth District is surrounded by supporters while speaking in New Bedford. Tim Dunn/TSM

NEW BEDFORD - State Representative Geoffrey Diehl continued his campaign for U.S. Senate with a stop in New Bedford at the Prince Henry and the Navigator Park at Pope's Island on Wednesday. Diehl kicked off his campaign in his home town of Whitman on Tuesday night with a formal announcement of his candidacy.

Diehl addressed a number of political issues across Massachusetts and the rest of the country to the Whaling City crowd, which numbered about 25 people. He discussed topics ranging from the automatic gas tax hikes in Massachusetts to the national issue of illegal immigration and sanctuary cities.

He also kept to his attack on current U.S. Senior Senator Elizabeth Warren, and described her as the "main person" who is leading dysfunction in Washington D.C.

"We want to set our sights on Washington D.C., a place which is clearly dysfunctional. And we see the main person who is leading that dysfunction is the Senior Senator from Massachusetts." Diehl said.

Diehl continued to criticize Senator Warren while discussing automatic gas tax hikes in Massachusetts. Standing in front of a gas pump he brought with him, the State Representative emphasized his work on repealing the automatic tax hikes in the Bay State, and lambasted Senator Warren for her focus on the issue.

"Working with the people, we were able automatic gas tax hikes saving taxpayers $2 Billion," Diehl said. "I have spent my time working to put money in people's wallets while Senator Warren has spent her time selling books."

State Rep. Geoffrey Diehl of the 7th Plymouth District speaks about gas tax hikes in front of a gas pump he brought along on for his campaign. Tim Dunn/TSM

Diehl received support from Bristol County Sherriff Thomas Hodgson while discussing the national topic of illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. The battle between Hodgson and state lawmakers over the cooperation of local law enforcement with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) has become increasingly publicized over the weeks.

Sherriff Hodgson spoke to the media following Diehl, and supported the State Rep. with his stance on the issue of communication between local law enforcement and I.C.E. agents. He applauded Diehl for "not basing his decisions on and ranting about politics", something both accuse Senator Warren of.

"I think that it’s pretty strange to have public officials saying 'don't work with federal enforcement agencies' to make sure your streets are safer," Diehl said while standing alongside Sherriff Hodgson.

"I think they're (I.C.E.) here for the right reasons. Tying the hands of law enforcement and I.C.E. officials just puts us back as a country," he said.

The Republican candidate also mentioned that creating jobs in Massachusetts will be a major focus of his if elected. Bringing the discussion to more of a local level, Diehl also spoke about his plan to keep as many fishing licenses in-state as possible.

The Geoffrey Diehl campaign for U.S. Senate began its second day on the trail in Hyannis before arriving at the Whaling City. Next, Diehl finished off his tour of the South Coast with stops in Fall River, Raynham, Taunton, and Attleboro.