With fall comes all of the state and county fairs with tastes of the season.  We have waited all year for these fairs to come around again, think of all the delicious foods we get, apple pies, and candy apples, caramel apples, and all of those deep fried treats.  Each year in Texas for the Big Tex State Fair they hold a cook off of deep fried foods and choose a winner in a bunch of different category's including taste and creativity.  The winner this year for taste is the  Deep Fried Cuban Roll, which combines roasted pork, ham, pickles and Swiss cheese — with a side of mojo sauce.  The winner for most creative was a fried Thanksgiving Dinner!  The Deep Fried Cuban beat out things like fried Nutella and fried meatloaf, among others.  It looks like chefs have moved on from fried Twinkee's and Oreo's to more complex items.  One of the biggest fair's in Massachusetts is the Big E, September 13th -29th, Big E always features some pretty tasty deep fried treats, I'm hoping they bring the Cuban Roll so I can sink my teeth into the winner of the taste competition.