When it comes to speaking out about his team, David Ortiz has never been shy. It's no different now, as the Red Sox are about the wrap up the 2012 season in last place. On Monday Big Papi, one of the most familiar faces around Fenway Park said that the season was an 'all around disaster'. It would be hard to disagree with him about that.

In an interview with ESPN Boston's Gordon Edes, Ortiz said he doesn't like to look bad, and he also doesn't care who the manager is going into next season.

To me, personally, I don't care who my manager is. I'm old enough to know what I've got to do, what my routine is, what my problems are, what are my goals. I might be the best piece of cake a manager can ever have. I go about my business, man. I know the rules.

Ortiz wouldn't say that he wasn't in favor of Bobby Valentine being dismissed as manager at the end of the season, but he also wouldn't not say it.

[Via ESPN Boston]