Let's face it, no pun intended, some folks just can't move on after the love of their life dumps them! So here's the next best thing. Date someone who looks just like your ex! That's the thinking behind a state-of-the-art dating service that will set you up with dates who look like your ex! The catch is it will cost you five grand!

The service that just started will only go out to users of Three Day Rule dating service in conjunction with Match.com in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago (for now). If you like the facial structure and looks of your ex and would like to date someone with similar looks, for a mere $5,000 this dating service will help you find someone who looks like your ex-love!

Experts actually warn against dating someone who looks like your ex. Many encourage you to jump out of your comfort zone! When you think about it, there's a reason they're your ex, right? The relationship didn't work out for a reason, so should you really keep dating the same kind of person?