The Southcoast's #1 hit music station is facing some angry parents, and a school board that says the songs they play contain too many bleeped swear words. 


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Fun 107 has long been a favorite radio station in the New Bedford area, but kids riding the school bus to Dartmouth schools are going to be without their favorite artists like 'Taylor Swift', 'Selena Gomez', 'Demi Lovato' and more. The Dartmouth school board has asked the bus company to stop playing Fun 107. So what was the reasoning behind it?

According to the Standard Times, parents complained on numerous occasions to distrcit officials about the music's controversial lyrics, citing that the songs contained far too many 'bleeped' swear words. James Kiely handles transportation issues for the district went as far to say that the bleeps aren't enough, and 'sometimes you can tell exactly what they said'.

Fun 107, and Townsquare Media General manager Mark Stachowski says that this new policy is 'Unfair to the awesome students of Dartmouth schools who are being deprived of the Southcoast's #1 Hit Music Station'. He added that 'We were previously unaware of how  un-FUN the Dartmouth schools administration was.'