The Dartmouth Police Department will be requesting $215,000 for the design and engineering of a new police station during the Oct. 18 Town Meeting.

Police Chief Robert Szala told WBSM News that this is different from a ballot question rejected during the April election which requested $8.5 million to pay for the renovation of the existing station on Russells Mills Rd., a building which was plagued with mold and the bacteria that causes Legionnaires disease.

"The feasibility study that was done in the past, for the old renovation, was specifically that, the renovation of the facility on Russells Mills Rd.," said Szala "this new feasibility study for a schematic assessment and design will be for a new facility."

Szala says that the funds will cover a wide array of costs associated with the plan.

"Specifically what that will be for includes the cost for an architect, the project manager, a geotech study, the type survey, and we put in a premium for additional site location work should the town want to spec out more than one location," said Szala.

As they scout out locations Szala says that while they will be looking at land already owned by the town, they will also consider privately owned locations.

"The Project Manager Richard Pomroy has put out an RFP to the townspeople to see who would like to participate and either donate the land or having some land made available for purchase," said Szala.

The town selected the Hopkinton-based Carell Group to create the plan if voters approve the funding request.