The Dartmouth School System is allowing Ashlyn Conde to walk across the stage at Dartmouth High School's graduation exercises this weekend.

Conde was not permitted to walk across the stage after she was diagnosed with Steven-Johnson Syndrome which left her hospitalized from April 8 through May 5. After missing nearly a month of classes, Dartmouth High School allowed her to complete her courses over the summer, but she would not be allowed to participate in the Class of 2014's graduation ceremony.

Family, friends, and classmates rallied around Ashlyn, creating the hashtag "#LetAshlynWalk", which went viral through social media networks. Fellow classmates even threatened to protest their own ceremony, saying if Ashlyn couldn't walk, they wouldn't either.

After an appeal to the Dartmouth School System by the Conde family, and intervention by Superintendent Ana Riley and the school committee, Ashlyn will now be permitted to walk across the stage.

She will not receive a diploma until she completes all of her courses. She will receive a blank diploma during the ceremony.