TSM - Members of Southcoast Alliance for a Cleaner Tomorrow get ready to board a bus to Boston to meet with D-E-P

A busload of Southcoast residents went to Boston on Tuesday, hoping to convince D-E-P officials to do more testing at the Smith-Robinson Landfill in Dartmouth.

The D-E-P wants to move forward with a plan to cap the privately-owned landfill, with slightly contaminated soil from the Boston area.

Gloria Bancroft of the Southcoast Alliance for a Cleaner Tomorrow says the group met with Commissioner Kenneth Kimmell, with a goal of halting the capping project, but no promises were made....

Bancroft and others argued for more testing at the Smith Robinson landfill, so officials would have a better idea of the types of contamination there, and how that might affect underground water supplies in years to come.