Ladies, who wouldn't want to "Shake It" for Luke Bryan or "Cruise" with Florida Georgia Line? I mean, the men of country music are by far hotter than any rapper I know. And their videos feature some of the most gorgeous women too! Of course, all of them sing about these girls as if they are there for nothing more than decoration. This is probably what sparked the current festival trend.

Going to the Luke Bryan concert Sunday night made me realize how off track we've come. Sure, I picked a cute short dress to wear, but no cleavage or stomach was visible. It wasn't like I was about to enter a "Most Skin Shown" Contest. I know every country hit in the last few years made it seem like we have to wear low-cut crop-tops and Daisy Dukes, but it's possible to look sexy while still leaving some things to the imagination. Believe it or not, we can still look CLASSY at a country music concert. And let's face it, that "Girl in a Country Song" look isn't comfortable anyway! I dare a guy to dress as exposed as those girls and see how they like it. Thank you to Maddie and Tae for speaking up!

From left: Kasey, Sydney Gordon, Hunter Wildrick, Sydney Lima, Kayla Silvia