Want to cuddle? How would you respond to that question? There is a new trend going on and they are cuddle parties. Cuddle party's are hosted around the country and I'm not sure why. According to the website cuddleparty.com they say cuddle party's are designed to provide a safe, fun way for people to connect.

Singles and married couples are invited to attend, they ask that you wear your pajamas, nothing sexy, and do not allow any alcohol. Cuddle party's also have rules to follow, like before you cuddle someone you must ask them and they must give you a verbal "yes". If you go as a couple make sure you set boundry's and know that your partner will be cuddling someone else.

I did a little more research on these cuddle party's and found that people charge for them, there is one party in New York hosted buy someone named Jamie who charges $25 for men and $15 for women, couples get in for $40.

Here's what you get for your money:

  • a cozy room, with padded floors,
  • soft lights
  • music,
  • yummy snacks
  • interesting people.

$25 bucks for that? Come on! For $25 bucks I could get a nice meal at a restaurant and not have to snuggle with anyone! I am curious about where these party's lead, I mean there you are in your pj's and hanging on someone you don't know and after an hour or two you just go home?

It sounds kind of odd to me, could it lead to something else? I don't know if it does or not, I guess when you leave you are supposed to feel better about yourself and have faith restored in mankind. Unfortunately there are not any Cuddle Party's near us, the closest one is in New York City a little to far to travel to do some research and get a hug.