After what happened to Paul Pierce, Boston sports fans wanted to make sure that one of their other favorite athletes was locked in for life. That happened yesterday when Dustin Pedroia and the Red Sox reportedly reached a long term deal that will keep in Boston for the rest of his career. 

A long term contract in Major League Baseball is something that many players strive for. They want the security that they won't have to look elsewhere. Now, Dustin Pedroia won't have to worry about a trade (hopefully) or testing the free agent market, unless he plays past the age of 37.

The reported deal is for 7 years and worth $100 million. The only thing that makes fans nervous about a deal like this once Pedroia gets into his thirties, his production may go down. Will he be worth that money by the time he's 35?

Right now Pedroia is 29, and worth every penny of the deal. So what happens if production cease, or worse - a career ending injury before the 7 years is up?

Depending on how the contract is worded, the Sox may have to pay him even if he does go down with an injury.

However most Sox fans will be happy that Pedroia will ideally be representing the Red Sox until he calls it quits.