Connecticut is has passed a new bill that is making it a bit tougher for people to get their hand son firearms, and some gun makers aren't pleased. 

NECN reports that Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has gotten his State to pass a new gun-control bill that limits people's ability to get their hands on certain weapons and large capacity magazines.

One gun maker says that he will leave the State because it will hurt his business, something the Gov. is showing no consideration to.

PTR is based in Bristol, Connecticut and specializes in the type of weapons that the government is trying to make it tough to get your hands on. The company's VP says it has not decided where it will relocate, but it already has commitments from some of its employees to move with it.

Connecticut was rocked in December by tragedy when a lone gunman went into Sand Hook Elementary School and killed dozens of people, including many small children.