We all remember the horrific images of Louisville hoop's player Kevin Ware breaking his leg during a game in the spring, fast forward a few months and Ware is back in the game!  It took Ware just seven months to return from a compound fracture, he wanted to play earlier but his coach and family felt he wasn't ready.  Friday night he was ready and had a nice game.  Ware says he 'feels as good as he did before the injury', and played 13 minutes in Friday nights game against Cornell.  It was a good return to the game for him as well putting up five points, two rebounds, two turnovers and an assist.  It's a pretty amazing accomplishment for a young player who had what could have been a career ending injury to work hard and make it back on to the court to play again.

See Kevin Wares return here;  http://youtu.be/kKCBRCDNths

See Kevin Wares injury here; http://youtu.be/CUAMGrWiV6w