The alleged cop-killer Christopher Dorner may have met his end. We are getting reports that he is currently in a cabin in Big Bear, California and surrounded by police.


As of 5pm EST Tuesday, Dorner was cornered in the cabin that he earlier broke into. It's being reported that he has the people who lived in the cabin tied up and held hostage. Gawker reports that to sheriff's deputies have been shot, but their current conditions are unknown.

Update 7:13pm - CNN is reporting that it is Dorner that is held up in the cabin, but LAPD commander Andrew Smith says that they can't confirm that is in fact Dorner that is the one in the cabin. They have also reported that Dorner is not holding a couple hostage.

Update 8:00pm - The cabin Dorner was in is fully engulfed in flames. They are not sure if Dorner remains in the cabin, or is back on the gun. Gas was shot into the cabin shortly before it went up in flames. One of the deputies that was shot has died. The other is currently in surgery.

We'll keep this updated as the story develops further.