While preparing a financial report today for the Midday News Hour, I noticed the line, "Only 10 More Weekends Til Christmas." WHAT??!!

I dont know about you, but our weekend's get pretty busy with the Braley Bunch. Games, practices, grocery shopping, somebody always seems to need new jeans. There are only 10 more weekends?

Christmas shopping will take up at least two of those weekends because you can't do it all at once. You have to leave someone at home or they all know what they're getting. That leaves me with 8. The company Christmas Party will be coming up, now I'm down to 7. Cans Across the Park is the weekend before Thanksgiving. That's 6. We're probably going to Virginia to see my son over Thanksgiving weekend, now I'm at 5. We'll have to decorate the house and get the tree. That's 4. My niece is getting married in Vermont, now I'm at 3! I have Fall Ball Baseball this weekend (2) and the season ends next weekend, that leaves me with ONE! I have one weekend to rake all the leaves, carve the pumpkin, get out the winter clothes, vacuum the house, dust the dog, return the empties, create the empties and cram in as much football as I can!

Oh, and if I forget,let me say "Merry Christmas!" I may be too busy later.