I was doing some holiday shopping recently and I needed to pick up a couple of toys and games for some kids on the list.  When I saw some of the games I played as a kid that were still popular, but they did change some of the packaging and spiced up some of the games in recent years.  One game that was totally different and has come a long way is Battleship.  I remember having the pegs and plastic ships to stick into the holes and putting them in making the game simple.  Today's version is all electronic with noises and beefed up ships.  One thing I did notice was the different cover to the game how updated and Politically Correct the cover is, when I thought about the cover to the old version of the game I had and how Un-politically Correct it was.  I went home and looked at the cover and couldn't believe my eyes, the cover shows a father and son playing the game having fun and the mother and daughter washing dishes in the background!  Wow, how times have changed, I know it was the 60's and all but I cant believe how life around the house was portrayed, the men playing games while the ladies took care of the house and looked like they were having fun.  I'm glad to see that has changed and now the box covers show everyone playing the game and having fun.  Imagine if the game showed the mom and daughter playing and the father and son doing the dishes?