The deadliest creature on earth has been causing us human beings trouble for a very long time! They kill over 725,000 people a year, every year! Take a quick guess as to what this creature is.They are known to be major carriers of yellow and dengue fever, encephalitis and malaria. Yes, the mosquito is the planet's deadliest creature!

And now, the Center for Disease Control has confirmed that a new virus has emerged on the mosquitoes list.  The chikungunya virus, has been found in 30 states, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, with most cases showing up in Florida, with four cases being reported recently in Boston.

The disease itself was discovered about 60 years ago in Africa. Symptoms include days of headache, muscle pain and joint stiffness, fever and rash. No deaths are related to chikungunya. The CDC suggests plenty of rest, fluids, and medication like ibuprofen to relieve fever and pain.