Angus T. Jones who play's Jake on 2 1/2 men on CBS, was video taped talking about how he doesn't think people should watch the show because of it's content.

We all know it is a bit raunchy and pushes the limit every week. The show has not been the same since Charlie Sheen left, Ashton Kutcher does okay with it, but it's still not the same. We all know that the easy way to get a laugh is a cheap sex joke.

I'm getting off topic, with Angus being in that video it drew a lot of criticism and he later apologized for it. With all of the controversy swirling who steps out of the shadows but Charlie Sheen.

Charlie came out and offered Angus a part on his FX series 'Anger Management'! Never wanting to miss a chance to get some publicity for himself, Charlie did the smart thing and got himself in the news and will get free promotion for his show. I do like the show but FX is not one of those channels on my radar every night but I do check out the show on demand it's pretty good, and after watching a few episodes I think CBS made a mistake at letting Charlie leave the show.