One of the biggest deals that the Boston Celtics made in the 2012 off season was getting Jeff Green to resign with the team. Many speculated that after Doc Rivers' departure to the LA Clippers, Green would be a bit angry, but he says that's not the case. 

On Monday when Jeff Green was asked about the big weekend deal that has now former Celtics head coach in Los Angeles with the Clippers. He says he has no animosity towards Rovers decision to get out of his contract.

I appreciate the opportunity he gave me to come back to Boston after my surgery. I appreciate him putting the ball in my hands this season.

Jeff Green signed a big four year deal last year, and one of the biggest reasons he came back to Boston was the fact that Doc Rivers was the coach. Many speculated that Green would not be pleased, but for now, he seems alright with the decision. One only knows what will happen as the season draws closer.