Weird News

Kreskin Can Read Your Mind
What major events will happen in 2018, aside from the El Gordo Blizzard we just went through? A good person to ask is The Amazing Kreskin. who was my special guest on-air! He is one of the world's greatest mentalist who has performed around the world for over 60 years...
Chuck E. Cheese Losing His Head
I can't count the untold number of tokens and long strips of arcade prize tickets I've invested in over the decades with three kids and seven grandchildren. If you're also a Chuck E. aficionado, I've got a great story that has been kept one of their best kept secrets. Company ...
Bright Green Meteor Passes Over New Bedford
I saw the meteor that passed over the New England region last night.
I have always read about weird sightings and occurrences in the night sky but have never actually witnesses anything with my own eyes.  Until yesterday that is.
It happened at around 5:50pm as I was driving north on Ashley …

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