The Station Nightclub Fire Documentary Angers Families
On Thursday, February 20th, 2003, Great White performed at the Station Nightclub in Warwick, Rhode Island to a crowd of hundreds. During that performance, the band used pyrotechnics that set fire to the buildings flammable sound insulation around the stage and ceiling. In just 5 minutes, the flames …
Bears Will be Bears
What do you get when you cross an angry, hungry bear and the statistics of sexual assaults? You get a really good PSA, that's what.
College Humor joined forces with the White House to bring awareness to sexual assault on college campuses...
Veterans Job Fair [Video]
Business Service Representative Sharon Martin and Veterans Employment Representative Christopher Holtkamp,  of the Greater New Bedford Career Center, dropped by the Phil Paleologos Show on Monday.
They came to discuss the Ninth Annual Veterans Day Job Fair taking place Tuesday November 10 f…

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