Art Gone Wild Online Auction [Video]
Rosie, The Tegu Lizard, joins Lance Gunberg, Director of Marketing and Visuals at the Buttonwood Park Zoo, and Sara Crook, Curator at the Buttonwood Park Zoo, dropped by the Phil Paleologos Show to discuss the "Art Gone Wild" online auction.
Best Christmas Gift Ever [VIDEO]
I asked around what was the best Christmas gift ever. I heard the usual. And I told each person I spoke with about a Texas couple who surprised their daughters by placing the most incredible gift underneath their Christmas Tree. Wait until you see what it is and their children's amazing reactio…
Visit to Max’s Barn [VIDEO]
Max is the miniature horse that was shot at his home in Acushnet on Tuesday December 1st. His owner, Julie Nightlinger spoke with us about his condition and what is being done to care for the beloved pet. Options are open, but they need financial assistance...

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