What It’s Like To Be Trapped in a Room on Fire [VIDEO]
Sunday was a very memorable day for me. New Bedford Firefighters Union President Billy Cabral had personally invited myself, other members of the media, and elected officials to experience what firefighters deal with on a daily basis. Little did I know what I was really in for...
The New Sister Rose House Set To Open Next Week
Members of the media got a look at the finished Sister Rose House in New Bedford on Thursday.
The dry men's homeless shelter named after Sister Rosellen Gallogly, is run by Catholic Social Services.
Previously, the Sister Rose House was located in the downtown area, but Catholic Social Services C…
Fairhaven Paramedics Revive Man from Heroin Overdose [VIDEO]
A man is revived by Fairhaven emergency personnel after suffering a heroin overdose.
Police and Paramedics responded to the overdose at 2:30pm Tuesday afternoon in the parking lot of the Southcoast Urgent Care Center on Mill Road.
Upon arrival, a 38-year-old Maine man was found unconscious in the…

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