The Finest Hours True Story [VIDEO]
This is a true story of the most amazing rescue that occurred off Cape Cod that you probably never heard about! As residents of the South Coast, we are all too familiar with at-sea rescue stories. But, in The Finest Hours, a bestselling book co-authored by my on-air guest Casey Sherman and soon to b…
Local Anorexic Victim To Mirror [VIDEO]
So many of us are starting off the new year with a resolution to lose weight and maintain a healthier diet. But for a local Taunton High School twin girl, who's dancing competition judge said she needed to work on her tummy if she's going to wear revealing costumes, it meant nearly passing…
2015 Best Weather News Bloopers [VIDEO]
Reporting on the weather is mostly about its serious aspects on the daily and weekly forecast and how it may impact your day. However, on few occasions, there can be a session of giggles and distractions that make up the weather portion of a newscast.

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