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OPINION | Barry Richard: Scandals Envelop Beacon Hill Once More
The Massachusetts Legislature is again knee deep in controversy and scandal as two members face investigations that could lead to suspensions if not expulsion from the Senate.
Most recently 55-year-old Brockton Democrat Mike Brady announced he would be going away for a few days of alcohol treatm…
Freetown Man Reuniting with Legendary Doo Wop Group
It's heart-wrenching and agonizing when the musical groups that we grew up with decide to break up.
My kids lamented NSYNC's split, and the day The Beatles parted ways was like putting a "Dead End" sign along the long and winding road!  Who can forget the dissolve of …
Why Phil Celebrates Easter On A Different Day
As a child, it was very difficult for me to try to explain, and have my friends understand, why I wasn't celebrating Easter on the same day they were observing the religious holiday. I'll do that here with some history included. But first, Happy Easter to the rest of the Christian world on…

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