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OPINION| Thomas: Level 4 High School Best In Region
There I am listening to an interview Phil Paleologos is conducting with the Superintendent of New Bedford government schools, when the Super delivers a shocking revelation. Dr. Pia Durkin fired a shot over the I-195 bow when she proclaimed New Bedford High School the best in the region...
OPINION| Thomas: We the people are not smart enough?
What's going on with the judicial system? Long time New Bedford political advocate Evangelos Safioleas a/k/a "Gilly," now finds himself owing the courts $100. This after a judge found Gilly guilty of a civil infraction.
As the story goes, Safioleas applauded after a few stateme…
OPINION|Thomas: Modifying The 1st Amendment
December 15 marks the 226th anniversary to a written treasure. On that date in 1791, the Bill of Rights to the Constitution for the United States was ratified and inserted into the constitution.
Over the next few Fridays, leading up to the anniversary, I will be exploring the original ten amendments.…

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