Kreskin Can Read Your Mind
What major events will happen in 2018, aside from the El Gordo Blizzard we just went through? A good person to ask is The Amazing Kreskin. who was my special guest on-air! He is one of the world's greatest mentalist who has performed around the world for over 60 years...
Chuck E. Cheese Losing His Head
I can't count the untold number of tokens and long strips of arcade prize tickets I've invested in over the decades with three kids and seven grandchildren. If you're also a Chuck E. aficionado, I've got a great story that has been kept one of their best kept secrets. Company ...
Throwback Thursday: The Karaoke Blackbelts [VIDEO]
You may have heard WBSM's Phil Paleologos and Tim Weisberg recalling the legendary performance of the Karaoke Blackbelts during the morning show this week. But unless you were there, you may have no idea what went down on this legendary night of rock and roll history.

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