What a nightmare for those 4200 people on board the Carnival Cruise Line stuck in the Gulf of Mexico.  If you haven't heard the Carnival ship Triumph set sail for a four day cruise, they had a fire in the engine room and lost power and were drifting in the gulf.  Tug boats are now towing the ship to port but it is still going to take a while to get there.  The passengers and crew are dealing with deplorable conditions, they have to use plastic bags to go to the bathroom, there is sewage leaking and the only food available is cucumber and onion sandwiches.  Just like last year with the Costa Concordia, I scratch my head and say how can this happen?  How can one of the worlds largest cruise companies have a ship lose all power and back up?  It amazes me with all of the technological advances to cruise ships that they don't have better back up systems, never mind that how can it even have a fire?  Was the ship inspected?  I don't know how old the ship is but Carnival is taking it out of service for 12 weeks to repair.  I have been on a cruise and it was one of the best vacations I have had.  My family is very excited to go again, I do have to say that I may think twice before booking one, until I know that some sort of back up is in place on the ship I choose.  All I can think of is the poor people on board the Triumph, people celebrating anniversary's, birthdays there is a couple from Texas that were married on the ship, not a good way to start the honeymoon! For some people this may have been the only vacation for them, they might have spent their life savings on this cruise and they have to deal with this!  I'm sure Carnival will take care of the passengers with a free cruise and some compensation, but will that will not erase the hell that they had to go through on this ship.