Everything was all set for Tamara Fowler's wedding when suddenly it was called off. So, what did this Atlanta bride do to find a way to get through a very tough time?

Seeing no refunds were available from the caterer, she decided to invite 200 homeless people and children to enjoy an elegant 4-course dinner! She likened this to turning lemons into lemonade! So, after convincing the Hosea Feed the Hungry organization that this wasn't a prank, the hall filled up with 200 homeless and low income people and their children to enjoy a day of celebration.

Seeing it's cheaper to call off a wedding than to get a messy divorce, the Fowler family wants to continue this on an annual basis. They'll call it The Annual Fowler Family Celebration of Love.

Could this become a new trend? Rather than hold a reception for one's wedding guests, the gala would be thrown for the homeless families and individuals, instead!