We heard that the new Butterfinger Cups were in stores and today we sent our intern Kasey out in search of them!  She found them and brought them back to the studio so we could do an on-air taste test, Kasey also picked up a bag of Peanut Butter Cups too, to compare the taste.  The Butterfinger Cup is square in shape and did not come with a brown wrapper on it,  it was smooth on top and had ridges like a peanut butter cup around the edge.  When tasting the Butterfinger Cup you really should not think about a peanut butter cup it will throw off your thoughts about it, think of a Butterfinger candy bar only smooth in the middle, the first bite didn't seem to have much taste to me, but the second bite had a few little crunchy bits in it and was much better and by the end I was enjoying the taste.  One thing that was noticeable is that the Butterfinger middle did not stick to my teeth which is a good thing, if you've ever had a bar you know it can get stuck in your molars for a few hours.  All in all we are fans of the new cups and don't think they should be compared to peanut butter cups even though they are similar in shape and size, I think there is room for both to be enjoyed for quite a long time.