Court records show defense costs for convicted Boston mobster James ``Whitey'' Bulger totaled $2.6 million through June.

    The accounting filed Friday includes mostly attorney fees and about $17,000 other expenses.

    Bulger was convicted Aug. 12 of racketeering, including 11 killings, as well as extortion, money laundering and weapons charges, in the 1970s and `80s.

    He became one of the nation's most-wanted fugitives when he fled Boston in 1994 ahead of an indictment.

    The expenses disclosed Friday begin with the end of June 2011, when Bulger was captured in Santa Monica, Calif., through the beginning of his trial. They don't include July and August. 

    Bulger was granted public defenders when he said his assets were seized by the government.

    The 84-year-old Bulger faces sentencing in November.  Prosecutors have said they will seek a life sentence.

(Associated Press)