Last week the Boston Bruins were the number two seed in the East, but after the finish of the regular season on Sunday night the Bruins are sitting in the four spot. Team General manager Peter Chiarelli decided to give the players a little message. 

Not shy about voicing his opinion on the team's current status, GM Peter Chiarelli said that the playoffs are a privilege, and a chance to start anew. The Bruins finished April 6-8, and were 2-7 in their last nine games. They'll now face the Toronto Maple Leafs in the NHL conference finals.

From our team's performance, we came off of a decent finish in the sense of the standings, but I don't think anyone was ever satisfied with our game, myself included, players included..

The shortened season due to the NHL lockout made it hard to get things going, and really gel. Perhaps the playoffs will give a better glance at what this Bruins team is actually made of.