If you were planning to grab a couple of friends and jump on a plane out to Denver to see the Patriots take on the Broncos in the AFC Championship game you may be out of luck.  The team has announced that they will not sell tickets directly to Massachusetts residents, it is a policy they have had for a while.  You can buy tickets through ticket outlets no problem, but you will pay much more than face value for them.  It is a policy that many teams have, in fact the Seahawks will not sell tickets to people who live in California, home of the 49rs, their fans will have to do the same thing.  I imagine the reason is certain fans cant keep from fighting with other fans over who's team is better and we all know how that can escalate!  There was a Bronco's fan who was beaten pretty bad after he taunted some Chargers fans after their loss over the weekend.  There is a lot of passion when it comes to rooting for your team and sometimes it does get out of hand, as for me I cant imagine wanting to hurt someone because they like a different team than I do.  I will be watching the game on Sunday from my couch and I will look for those brave Patriot's fans who make it into the game and come out in one piece.