A 9 year-old boy was thrilled to get a PlayStation 4 for Christmas but when he opened the box, his gift was not at all a PlayStation 4, but instead he was pranked and it turned out to be a block of wood.

According to WHDH 7, Brian Lundy said that his 9-year-old son Scott was super excited when he opened a boxed present on Christmas and found that it was a PlayStation 4.

However, when Lundy and Scott opened the box to set up the console, they did not find a PlayStation inside. Instead, the box was stuffed with a block of wood containing a crude drawing and message at the bottom.

The family took the box back to the Target in Saugus where they had bought it.

Lundy also believes that there could be a series of pranks going on because Scott's cousin's friend got the same wooden block in his PlayStation 4 box.

Target apologized for the mistake and gave the family a new PlayStation 4, along with a game and a $100 gift card.

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez