If you are looking for a city to spend a little bit of time in and enjoy the sites and sounds, then look no further than the city of Boston, Massachusetts.

According to the latest Google trends, Boston is the most searched city in the country when it comes to travel and leisure. We're sure that people trying to get details on the Boston Marathon bombing has something to do with those search results.

None the less Boston is booming right now. The Bruins are dominating the New York Rangers in the Stanley Cup playoffs, and the mayor and governor are concentrating on getting people back to the city as part of their campaign to let everyone know that they shouldn't be afraid to go back into the city.

Boston also is a great place to take a day trip to on a long weekend. With so many family friendly activities, you won't be bored. The New England Aquarium in a great place to spend the day with the kids, and after that you could head over the the Science Museum. The city also has a large variety of restaurants to enjoy a dinner with your significant other or family and friends.