When you think of snobby, does Boston come to mind? According to a new readers poll from Travel + Leisure Boston is pretty high on the list of snobbiest cities in the country. While it may not come as a big surprise, sometimes 'Bean-town' can come off a bit snobby. The new poll from Travel + Leisure puts Boston as the third snobbiest city in the whole country, sitting behind New York (2) and San Francisco (1).

Most of the list is made up of major cities. Seattle, Chicago and Los Angeles also made the list of 22. Nearby Providence, RI also hit within the top 10 at the 8 spot.

So why did Boston rank so high? Blame the Ivy league schools for that. WCVB reports that the rankings were based on 'the city's reputation for aloof and smarty-pants residents, high-end shopping, music and theater offerings and even artisanal coffeehouses.'