At the end of the day, the NBA trade deadline wasn't very interesting. The Celtics did gain a little offensive help be trading for Wizard's guard Jordan Crawford.

In return for Crawford, Boston has given up Leandro Barbosa (out for the year) and jason Collins. Jordan Crawford might be a nice addition, and could work well in place of the injured Rajon Rondo - somewhere Leandro Barbosa had thrived before his injury.

Crawford saw significant playing time when John Wall was out with an injury, but has since seen a decreased role. He's averaging 13.2 points and 3.7 assists per game this year after playing an average of 26 minutes.

So was this a good move for the Celtics? Only time will tell, but Crawford will be better than an injured Leandro Barbosa. The nice thing is that we can finally put to bed all those trade rumors involving moving Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, at least for now.