The Uncle of deceased 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev, a suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombings, says the two had a falling out a few years ago. He says his nephew became very involved in Islam. 

ABC 6 reports that Ruslan Tsarni had an argument, and then a falling out in 2009 with Tamerlan over is conversion to the religion of Islam. The Uncle says that in a conversation the two had his nephew said that he had chosen 'Gods' business' over work or school.

It was suspected that the two might have something to do with Al Qaeda, a radical Islamic terrorist group, but nothing confirms that yet. Tamerlan was reported to have videos celebrating 'Jihad' liked on his YouTube profile.

On Friday, the Uncle of the suspected bombers spoke to media at his home in Maryland about how his nephews did this because they were losers, and that they have brought 'shame' to their family. The Uncle said after discovering his younger nephew had been captured by police he hopes he asks forgiveness of the bombing victims' families.