Guess who's looking into advertising e-cigarettes on TV, radio, billboards and in print? Big tobacco companies, in their last holdout, are in their early stages of studying the category and the business opportunity of e-cigarettes. The nation's largest tobacco manufacturers realize that 45 million Americans must have their nicotine fix everyday and would rather switch than fight by giving customers a digital nicotine drag. Reynolds American Inc., the nation's second largest tobacco company, said it would be launching an improved version of its Vuse brand electric cigarette. The Altria Group Inc., parent company of Philip Morris and maker of Marlboro cigarettes, also announced that they will enter the 1 billion dollar a year business by marketing an e-cigarette under the MarkTen brand. Remember what happened when Blockbuster ignored the evolution of Netflix? Big tobacco doesn't want that to happen to them, here or worldwide. These tobacco giants know that e-cigarettes address addictive and behavioral aspects of smoking, as well as the public and social issues. Who knew that the Marlboro Man's demise would be high tech!