Troubling news for many teachers and other employees at New Bedford Public Schools. Mayor Jon Mitchell announced that they would have to cut almost 250 positions. 

There was a high school budget meeting on Tuesday, and Mayor Mitchell made the following statement regarding the cuts:

The staff reductions that we are about to announce today are very necessary and they are as necessary as they are large and painful.

So where are the biggest employment reductions going to take place? New Bedford high school will take the biggest hit, losing over 50 positions. Both Normandin and Keith Middle School are expected to cut at least 16 positions.

The cuts will not only affect teachers, but will also other faculty members. The Public Schools are expected to cut their workforce by 14% as a result of lack of grants and funding for salaries.

Last week the New Bedford City Council elected to table a $3.5 million transfer to the school department to cover their deficit on grounds of 'accountability'.