I was at a party over the weekend and there was ton's of food coming off the grill, burgers, hot dogs, and sausage.

One thing that also came off the grill really caught my eye it was beer can chicken!  Beer can chicken is not new but it sure is delicious!  It looks a little funny when it is cooking but the chicken cooks  in an upright position with a can of beer in the cavity.

I asked the cook what kind of beer and he said he only uses Guinness it's gives it the best flavor.  Once the chicken was carved and plated it was tender juicy and gone quickly.

There are many places you can buy the kit to hold the chicken or you can just balance the chicken on a beer can alone, that could be tough if it falls over, it's better to spend a couple of bucks to by the kit.  Here is a recipe for beer can chicken.