Some call them the first 'boy band' ever and they may be right, hard to believe we have been enjoying Beatles music for 50 years now.  It was March of 1963 when the 'Fab Four' released 'Please Please Me' an album that took less than 12 hours to record and the rest as they say is history.  I can't imagine what these young guy's from Liverpool thought when they first became so popular, it must have been mind boggling!  I don't think there has ever been a band like the Beatles and there never will be ever again.  I remember hearing story's from people how parents hated the band and the kids loved them and the more the parents hated the long hair and loud music the kids loved it even more.  If you think about it, the Beatles really changed the music industry, they brought a whole new style to it and spawned many copy cat acts as well.  Along with the highs of being so successful come the lows and we all know the tragedy's that the band had through the years, when something happened to the band the entire world felt it.  These day's with manufactured 'pop' bands I don't think any of them no matter how popular could ever pull off what the Beatles did, change the world.