Photo courtesy of Bethany Clarke Getty Images

Twitter and other forms of social media are here to stay and will become the way for government officials and the citizenry to communicate for the next eight years and beyond.

The so-called “main stream media” continues to jeer and heckle President-Elect Donald Trump because he has found a way to communicate with his supporters that does not involve groveling to CNN, FOX News and the other major networks. Faced with insurmountable odds of getting his message out in a fair manner Trump took to Twitter where he has millions of followers. The network folks hate this because there is no way they can alter or control his message. The public, vastly aware of the media's efforts to defeat Trump quickly abandoned traditional media sources and began turning to social media to communicate and find and share more reliable information. Local talk-radio is another avenue for frustrated citizens to exchange ideas and information. This is just another sign that a true revolution is underway in this country. Trump has found the media's Achilles heel and has exploited it.

Controlling the message has always been difficult for political candidates but social media allows them a freedom to connect in a way that by-passes the traditional media and that could lead to the demise of the media as we know it. Remember how the “over-the-air” networks controlled the news world before cable. Since the advent of CNN and FOX the nets have surrendered in-depth news coverage to cable. Look out cable because here comes the internet, and just in time too.

Future candidates for public office will follow Trump to social media, by-passing traditional media sources and it can't happen fast enough for me.