Here comes Halloween, great time of year for the kids dressing up. I love opening the door and seeing all of the princess', scary monsters and cartoon characters. The kids love getting the candy, although it is funny when a kid say's, "I don't like that candy, do you have anything else?" that makes me laugh and I tell the kid I have an apple if you want, they usually take the candy.

This year I was invited to a costume party and can't wait to go! Now the problem of what to dress up as! I did a Google search and found some pretty funny costumes one of them I found really cracked me up, I don't think I will be wearing it though.

I used to love putting on face paint and making some kind of scary looking person. I remember one year I painted one side of my face black and the other white, and wore a top hat and people thought that was pretty freaky.

I also remember wearing those pre-packaged costumes that had that tiny grey rubber band stapled to the mask that broke all the time and you had to hold the mask on, it would get all wet inside from your breath.

I don't know what I am going to go to the party as this year but I will try to make it scary!