Holy Moly, 'new mega-churches' attracting large assemblies of atheists are popping up across the country and Australia.

British duo Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans are trying to drum up donations and congregations all brought together over their belief in non-belief.

With new studies showing more and more Americans fading away from religious denominations, this movement is meant to attract atheists and atheist-curiosity seekers into mega parishes with services that mimic an old time revival, complete with live music, moments of reflection and inspiration and even some clean comedy.

During the service, attendees jump up, clap their hands, stomp their feet and raise their hands to secular songs like "Lean on Me."

Other than amassing many like minded non-religious but spiritual atheists, the assembly wants to change the image of an atheist from someone seen as a non-believer to kind-hearted, like-minded people in a community that wants to make things better.

Atheists don't get to escape their fair share of giving as trays are passed to establish new parishes and maintain present ones.